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Visit Northwich Retainer

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The Northwich Business Improvement District came to Solutions 24-7 looking for us to deliver retained monthly communications support and manage a number of elements for them on a weekly basis.

We created a monthly proposal for them based on their budget and needs, designed to help promote Northwich Town Centre as well as BID and business news, offers, events and culture.

We’re currently in charge of monthly PR, fortnightly B2B and B2C E-Bulletins, the management of social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and maintenance support for the Visit Northwich website. We consistently deliver great results for the Northwich BID on the retainer – please see a range of stats below.

  • Over 300 press releases featured in local, regional and national press in 2018.
  • Open rate 12% above the industry average for the B2B Bulletin and over 20% above the industry average for the B2C Bulletin
  • We have increased the Visit Northwich Facebook likes from 0, from when we originally set up the platform, to 7,225. The data below shows our success in continually increasing our followers from January 2017 to January 2019.


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Through the retained communications support, we were able to write effective content that resulted in an increase in website activity throughout the year. This was achieved via sharing our press releases, videos, campaigns and blog posts to social media in such a way that increased engagement and click-through rates.


The data below shows how successful this strategy was:


  • 9% of website activity came from referrals via social media
  • Our press releases, landing page copy and social media promotion encouraged visits to the website through social media in March during Northwich’s CW9 event
  • June, July and August saw various campaigns brought to the town in the shape of Northwich Festival of Arts, Northwich In Bloom and Beach on the Quay – all of which were extensively promoted by ourselves on the social media platforms.
  • October and November saw the release of the NOW Northwich video, the GBHS Northwich campaign, the launch of the new Visit Northwich Website, Northwich: A Destination With A Difference video, the annual Christmas Extravaganza and our series of ‘festive blogs’ – all of which were pushed so effectively through social media that we received the highest website visitors of the entire year.

Facebook Analytics Database

Our professional analytics software means that we can monitor the success of our organic and paid posting throughout the year and keep our clients informed on how well campaigns, events and promotional materials have been received by the consumers.

The stats below, taken from the December 2018 dashboard, show that we are consistently reaching more people and engaging with our audience. It also shows that we are progressively nearing our current target metric of achieving 10,000 likes on the page.

Our organic and viral reach is constantly on the rise and we know our content is useful to our audience as our posts are regularly clicked on.

The peak in organic reach at the beginning of December 2018 aligns with the release of the Christmas Extravaganza video and photos and our festive blogs which explains the increase in traffic to our Facebook page.

Facebook Page Dashboard PDF here


Visit Northwich Blogs


When the new Visit Northwich website was launched we were tasked with writing blog-style copy for the ‘inspire me’ page on the new site.

The aim of these blogs was to provide the residents of Northwich with captivating, easy to read and informational copy that would encourage them to participate in more events/activities in the local area.

After the success of these posts, the Northwich BID asked us to curate more blogs to be uploaded over the Christmas period. These blogs were used to: drive more traffic to the new website, to help optimise the site for search engines and highlight all of the amazing events taking place in Northwich over the Christmas period.

At the end of the year we used our professional analytics software to discover what our most successful landing pages were in 2018.

  • 3 of our top ten landing pages were blogs written to optimise the new site and increase sessions
  • The blogs encouraged new users to visit the website
  • Our ‘Festive Walks in the Northwich Area’ blog was the most visited landing page

These statistics show the quality that bespoke blogs bring to destination websites via encouraging new users to visit the site, increasing how often the site is used and through making it a reliable source of information.

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