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Macclesfield College

The college approached us to run their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media accounts in August last year.

 Their social media presence was sporadic and their engagement was minimal, so the college required an eternal agency to take control over posting over all three channels in a bid to increase interaction with their students and extended audience. 

We approached them with communications support than included: three posts over both Facebook and Twitter every day, one post per day on their Instagram account, a motion graphic every month, two social graphics per week and an increased engagement with those interacting with the platforms.

The Facebook and Instagram statistics since we took control of their social media accounts speak for themselves.


Dan Bird
Richard Evans
Wendy Batey-Gray
Kat Hooker
Luke Morris





  • The platform has received a steady stream of new followers every month, with us recently achieving over 1000 followers on the platform.


  • The profile impressions have gone up by 401.4% and the overall likes count as increased by 512%.


  • Before we had access to their Instagram account their followers, profile reach and profile views was on a steady decline. Over the past 6 months we’ve managed to retain and increase followers and profile reach.

Macclesfield College Instagram Analytics January 2018 – August 2018

Macclesfield College Instagram Analytics August 2018 – December 2018



  • Consistently increasing rate of people clicking on our content, reaching more people on the platform and increasing page likes.


  • We set a KPI to reach 5000 total page likes before the end of 2019 and are currently on track to reach our target.


  • All of the page’s top 10 posts feature content that was posted to the platform after we were given the responsibility in August 2018.

Macclesfield College Facebook Analytics December 2018

Macclesfield College Facebook Top 10 posts in 2018

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