How To Set Up A Business Instagram Account

You’ve already secured your online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and various other social channels.
However, now you’re ready to expand to Instagram and attract new leads and customers with your fresh content.


Over 800 million Instagram accounts are active every month worldwide, and 80% of these accounts follow a business on Instagram. Consequently, the opportunity is there to get you, and your company, noticed. 

It’s great to use the platform to show off the people who work for the company, and build or provide your services and products, as well as events that you attend together, the pets that get brought into the office, and how your company celebrates achievements.



 Most importantly, make your posts relatable and make them human.

We will use this blog to explain the useful features of Business Instagram Accounts and how you can use these to your advantage. We will also discuss how to set up, grow, and optimise your Instagram strategy to reach a wider audience, gain followers, and attract possible customers. It’s also a great tool to promote your brand personality and your company culture!


1. You’re able to advertise on Instagram and promote any post that you like, all within the Instagram App – for example, if your company is rolling out a new product, you may want to promote a particular post advertising it. Simply tap the promote button on your profile and follow the prompts to get started.

2. The most useful feature of all – analytics! Any marketer will know just how valuable this information is. With a Business account you’re able to see who your followers are, when they’re online, and more. All of this information is extremely valuable when it comes to marketing your services and planning your content!


3.  It’s also possible to see insights on individual posts and stories to see how people have engaged with them. Find common links between posts that gain more activity and engagement and use this knowledge to your benefit!


4. The newest update, and one you may find extremely useful, is the ability to schedule and publish direct to Instagram! Instagram announced on January 30th 2018 that they would approve third-party software to enable Instagram scheduling.



Now that we have discussed the benefits of owning a Business Instagram Account, we’ll begin talking about how you’re going to succeed in your new venture.

1. Will you use be using Instagram to highlight your company culture? As mentioned previously, it’s a great social channel to post about your company’s personality and values. Lots of other businesses use it to create a strong company brand, so this might be for you, too.

2. Do you want to showcase your products and services to your customers? Maybe you run an e-commerce business, or own your own shop, and you want to use the platform to show off your products. Or, like us, you might use it to show your followers the different types of services that you provide.

3. It’s possible that you don’t know exactly what you want to showcase on your account yet, but you want to increase your following to grow your company’s position in the marketplace.


4. It can also be a good idea to create some specific goals, or Key Performance Indicators. These could be getting ‘X’ amount of likes on each post, or gaining ‘X’ amount of followers every month.  Your goals and KPI’s will depend on your business strategy and objectives.


Stay on brand

This is particularly important if one of your goals is to increase your company’s position as a brand. If your company utilises specific fonts, colours and logos, then ensure that these are represented accurately on your feed.

Post Quality Pictures

Considering Instagram is picture based – you want your photos to be great! We don’t all have a photographer on hand that can do our social pictures for us, so here’s a link to a blog by HubSpot with tips and tricks on how to take a great shot with your iPhone.

Use a Social Media Content Calendar

These are super useful to organise all of your content ready for release to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. They’re great for reminders to post about national holidays, or to remind you to post about a project that’s launching. There are loads of these available online, so simply search for them in Google – you won’t look back!


Post Relatable and Useful Content

For example, photography tips or funny memes/gifs that relate directly to your audience. The more engaging content you create for your social channels, the more followers and engagement you will receive.

Customise Your Posts

Customise your posts by incorporating hash tags, filters, tags, and links. We will discuss hashtags in more detail later and how you can ensure you’re using the right ones for your audience!

Instagram Content Inspiration
– Motivational Posts
– Employee-Centric Posts
– Working Photos/In the Field Events (behind the scenes pictures)
– Motivational Posts
– Videos/Boomerangs
– Giveaways/Contests
– Customer-Centric
– Guest Takeovers
– Product/Service-Centric
– Food pictures (because who doesn’t love food)


The importance of brand identity also relates directly to the hashtag you use. A lot of companies use their company name as their hashtag – ours is #Solutions247. When it comes to incorporating other hashtags to your content, it’s a good idea to do some research, as this can make all the difference to the engagement of your posts.

Top Tip: Content with 11 or more hashtags receive more engagement on Instagram.


Before posting on Instagram, we suggest searching for some Instagram accounts owned by companies that run similar services to you and have a large amount of followers. After that, try compiling a list of frequently used hashtags for each different product/service that you sell. Those that are interested in the services will search for these hashtags on Instagram and will end up being directed to your content.

Time to Increase Your Insta Followers

Hopefully, no matter what your goals are for your account, this blog post has introduced you to the great features of an Instagram Business Account and how they can be useful to you. Additionally, you will now have a guide to refer back to relating to what type of content you should publish, and why.

We hope you’ve found this information useful and we can’t wait to hear back from you regarding your new-found Instagram success! Ask us any questions, or post your Instagram handles for us to follow, below!