Solutions 24-7 Take on the Sports Relief Step Challenge

In aid of Sport Relief 2018,

we took it upon ourselves to embrace the #StepUp challenge and set up a Solutions Steps 24-7 league on the Sports Relief app! Those who volunteered to join the challenge donated towards Sport Relief and prepared themselves for a week of competition! It quickly became a cause of serious competition in-house! The challenge definitely did what it was designed to… our Videographer Ben ran the distance of a marathon throughout the week and Wendy, one of the company directors, quickly became ‘the one to beat’ as she was seen quick stepping through the office on a daily basis. All our sympathy goes towards Mike who had to endure the constant thump of her steps not only in the office but also at home – 24-7. We also organised a ‘wear red day’ in the office on Friday the 23rd. Everyone took the theme on board, and needless to say, the Man United t-shirts made an appearance in the office for the day! Much to Mike and Wendy’s dismay… We’re all really supportive here of everything Sport Relief does: from actively assisting in the reduction of malaria with anti-malarial drugs and providing neonatal, maternal and child health funding support in Africa, to all of the work they do for those living with a mental health problem in the UK. Check out the final image of the leaderboard!